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You're searching for "Places to Stay in Bisbee AZ" and you have found the BEST place - The Flat Iron Inn!   The Flat Iron Inn is located in the Historic District of Warren Township, Bisbee, AZ.   The Flat Iron Inn is named because of its Flat Iron shape. This is a very unique roof line and is shaped like a right triangle.

The original building pre-dates the town of Warren and it is a two story adobe structure built circa 1880's.  The Flat Iron Inn original building was used for a miner's store and boarding house.   Later, other structures were added around 1913 and occupied by the Ceron Family of Bisbee AZ. They ran a convenience store in the 1920s called "Get it and Go".

Since than there have been many renovations to what is now the Flat Iron Inn.  As the newest owners of the building, we have retained many of the buildings original features.  For instances the heart of pine wood floors and circular shaped arched entrances. The Flat Iron Inn is truly uniquely Bisbee!   With a colorful decor and mural located in the courtyard. The Spanish style central courtyard connects the buildings with plenty of outdoor seating, fire pit, Jacuzzi, all situated in a lush garden setting. 

Places to Stay Bisbee AZ
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Many of the Flat Iron Inn apartments have private patios or open front porches which are great for sitting and relaxing on a cool summer morning.   This is a great place to stay - a jumping off point - to see the town and explore the rest of Cochise County, AZ.

Delve deep into Arizona’s mining past in Bisbee, a town of colorful architecture and equally colorful characters.   Whimsical, colorful, and a perhaps a little haunted, Bisbee is anything but an ordinary destination.

As with all worthwhile treasures, Bisbee is a hidden gem tucked just beyond the point where you think you’ve gone too far as you approach Arizona’s southernmost border.   In Bisbee, however, there’s no such thing as going too far; unless of course, you live more than 70 steps up on one of Bisbee’s 350 historic staircases. Recently voted “Best Historic Small Town in America” by USA Today Readers and “Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2018, Bisbee is a unique place where the past collides with the present in a kaleidoscope of passion, art, color and kindness.

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