About Us

nikki turoczi

A Little Bit About Nikki Turoczi

I am a School Guidance Counselor and my husband Scott is a former Green Beret/Occupational Safety and Health Director for the military. We met in Bisbee in 2009 and married shortly in 2010. We love Bisbee AZ.! We always knew we would buy and restore a historic building in Bisbee.  We purchased the apartments in 2013 and started restoring the Flat Iron and we are finally finished!  We are excited to rent it out and have others who appreciate architecture and history to enjoy it as well.  Bisbee is an Old Mining town and is full of interesting architecture.  Bisbee has recently been awarded by USA Today as "The best historic southwest small town to visit" and in 2018 was featured on Good Morning America by Frommer's Travel Guide as one of the best places to visit in 2018.   

Why Did We Settle in Bisbee, AZ?

My husband and I have restored several historic homes as a hobby.  We always felt that others would also have an appreciation for history and would enjoy a unique hotel/travel experience.  We purchased the Flat Iron Inn/apartments because we felt connected and in love with the building and it's unique Flat Iron roof line. Our intention was to rent it out eventually and attract others who would enjoy a unique "out of the box" quaint hotel/travel experience.

Courtyard (10)

What Makes Our Apartments Unique?

We love the Spanish/Mexican abode style building.  All the apartments meet together with a communal courtyard with a cheerful, colorful mural in the center. Each Apartment is unique and different no "cookie cutter" here! Some have private patio's which is a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and the mountain views. This coupled with the warm southwest weather makes it an ideal travel destination.